Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trend Spotting: HandBags Collection

Every season, once designers have released the newest handbag collections, fashion icons and trendsetters will be the pioneers to lead the fashion trend with the selected "it" bags from the new collections. For this season, if you don't want to fall behind the trend, have a look at the "it" bags listed as follows.

Tomboy crossbody bags
This kind of bags usually has a long adjustable strap which can be worn either on one shoulder or across the body. The way of putting the bags across the body can keep your both hands free and also can create a slouchy chic look. It is a great option for traveling and commuting. Generally speaking, compared with satchels, crossbody bags seem to be more casual. However, you can also find them in luxurious materials and designs.

Straw bags
Straw bags reveal us the intense sense of tropical attraction. The natural materials appeal to environmentalists. You can pair them with your long flowing dresses and Panama hats to create a holiday look or with floral print skirts to bring out rural style. Straw bags usually come in tote style and the color can be various from bright to pastel.

Animal print bags
Now that animal print is so hot this season, you have no reasons not to buy an animal print bag to complete your fashionable wardrobe. It is definitely a must-have fashion accessory to show off your fashion taste and feminine charm. With such a chic bag, even though you wear plain and simple clothes, you will still be the center of attention.

Do you have already owned any of these "it" bags? If not yet, you should consider buying one of them and then your whole style will be upgraded a lot.

Runway Fashions and Spotting Shoe Trends

Post image for Trendspotting: Colored Suede Shoes

Considering the many styles of shoes to choose from, women everywhere are generally looking for unique boots or shoes and trendy sneakers. Finding shoe styles geared towards a particular taste, you'll want some validation for your design choice.

You change the image somebody has of you if you've got a good shoe and a good bag. A chic look that women are looking for by dressing high, low, and every point in between can be influenced by a good shoe and handbag. Recognize that this approach is not only practical, it's virtually a status symbol of style know-how. 


Over-the-knee boots seem to have made the fashion scene. They can be worn with knickerbockers or with trousers and skinny jeans or short dresses and mini-skirts. Naturally, the fit perfect over tights and long socks. Shoe styles and color should blend with rest of persona.

Pull outfits together with the keen eye of a mix master classic elegance. Not skimping on shoes demonstrates your penchant for enduring quality and the fine imprint of craftsmanship to your overall look. Quality comes at a price. Tasteful luxury is not cheap.

Shoe styles have endured, but hats styles are not as popular today as in yesteryear. One particular hat variety was called "the boater," which was seen as the perfect addition to a striped blazer or flannel trouser outfit. Today they can be worn with western apparel, dress suits and leisure wear. At many online shoe stores there are a number of fashionable straw hats made by Stetson, Dobbs, Biltmore, Bailey, Scala and Borsalino.

Baseball caps first gained popularity in 1860. Today this is one of the most popular and enduring hat styles in America; tennis player, golfers, truck drivers, boy scouts, mail carriers, soldiers and filmmakers all wear them. Heck, even the Dalai Lama donned a Washington Nationals baseball hat when he visited the capital!

There are various sport shoe styles, technological advancement that gets the golfer's foot closer to the ground. There are versatile shoes that feature gel or even coils in the heels section of the shoe. Jewels, flowers, rope trim and ruffle embellishments are common place on all type of shoes, sandals and even flip flops.

It's not too often a pair of shoes goes completely out of style. That can't be said about clothing styles. Fit your shoes with a classic tee or tank and a pair of jeans or a simple dress any you'll be in style for years.